About: Alistair McBride

I am a Presbyterian minister and spiritual care practitioner with 35+ years experience.

In 2013 I was widowed after the death of Denise my cherished companion, partner, lover  of 41 years (40 married). She danced with cancer for ten years and taught me a lot about what is important.

Then – then one of those serendipitous moments happened at a wedding I was attending. The long and short of it was that I married Alison Tarr at Labour Weekend 2014, in Tauranga. We met at the wedding and danced the night away and then began corresponding by real snail mail, started seeing one another regularly, fell in love. I feel blessed by grace with this wonderful vivacious woman who has come into my life. Themes of resurrection and new life are rife.

While being thoroughly grounded in the Reformed tradition I have explored liberation and political theologies, ventured into eco and feminist territory, and read a lot of non-realist stuff too! That has led me to an almost completely universalist position. God is love and Love wins everyone and everything!

I find the proclamation of the gospel Sunday by Sunday the place/space/time where I keep working this out through good times and bad, through illness disease and death as well as through the moments of celebration, joy and love.

I have up until December 2015 had two congregations to attend to, Scots and St Stephen’s, both of whom have endorsed my stance on marriage. I can be found on the Yes2Love Faithfully Inclusive blogsite <http://yes2love.wordpress.com/2013/08/29/rev-alistair-mcbride/>

Since January 2016 I have finished my calling at St Stephen’s and am continuing at Scots on a three quarter time basis. I am grateful to both congregations for their support over the period together.

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