The little ones among us

I was moved by an event introducing a fuller one I can’t attend: Worlds in collusion – Hamilton: A Different Conversation Worlds in collusion – Hamilton
and asked the question of us – how do we live out our inclusive words?



Humanity Sunday

September 13
A response to the humanitarian crisis unfolding so far away from us yet in the Season of Creation being reminded of it through the theme of Humanity Sunday.

August 30

On 30 August we had a choral service at St Stephen’s and used the approaching Seasons of Creation as a starting point.
I used an image out of my classical music education to describe the working of God in creation.
Reading around, a recent writer on SciBlogs eschewed such imagery because String Theory which underlies the picture is just a theory and hasn’t yet been demonstrated.
I am more interested in finding images that spark the imagination. As Richard Rohr puts it “We are made for transcendence and endless horizons…” and my task is to help find the image that helps make sense of it all.