August offerings

The gospel readings for the month are all focussed around John 6 “I am the bread of life” and similar themes. They are linked to readings from the letter to Ephesus which traditionally was the community associated with John’s gospel. 9 August
What gives life in the Christian path of faith, is it the formulaic presentation of Ephesians or is it feeing on the daily bread
16 August
I look at the imagery in John and the place of bread in Middle Eastern living and compare it with the casual way we view bread and waste food in western society. I am grateful to Ruth Seabright for an up to date version of the leaflet the Waikato Environment Centre has produced about Kaivolution, the Hamilton based food rescue service. I had this on the screen throughout the proclamation
23 August
It was the AGM for Scots and I used the OT passage of Solomon’s temple from 1 Kings 8. Each reflection invited members to think about how we view Scots as Sacred Place, our community of faith travelling the Sacred Way, and attending to the Sacred Life within.
150823 short version.pdf


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