September 28

St Stephen’s is going through a tough patch at the moment and some of us are struggling with what is the right thing to do.
There are little signs of hope, but like tender shoots in an early spring they could easily be snuffed out. Throughout it all we are called to be faithful to the mind of Christ Jesus even when we are questioning and complaining about where we are and where we are or are not going.


September 21

Back to Scots and the image of the Wilderness. As I explored this I was conscious of my own wilderness journey and the sense of emerging from the wilderness of grief.
While that is not uppermost, I realise it is underlying my words. Writing now, I can say there have been shifts and changes within me since the proclamation of this Word.

September 14

One of the quirks of my arrangement with the two congregations is that special days like Spring Flower Sunday get taken by the lay folk and I do the other congregation. This Sunday I brought freesias from my garden and used the visual scented image as part of my sermon. St Stephen’s hasn’t picked up the Creation series so I’m back to the RC Lectionary readings.