27 July

To be served with bread – leavened and unleavened.How did such an image become so domesticated. In the sermon I also refer to an article about the way food is used as a weapon and specifically in the Syrian conflict. Here is the link: http://www.newrepublic.com/article/116615/syrian-war-crimes-regime-bombs-bakeries-uses-starvation-weapon 140727.pdf Arohanui Alistair McBride


July 20

Negotiating the darkness is not always easy to do. I’ve been reading The Dark Night of the Soul and Gerald May’s commentary on it. While I haven’t drawn directly on either work for this sermon, the insights are part and parcel of my journey with grief at the moment.

Two sermons and a road trip

On the 29th of June I used the story of Abraham preparing to sacrifice Isaac. My point in it is that we can get things “right” and be able to stand on our principles or obedience or whatever, but if the result is that relationships are fractured what is the point of being “right”. I find it quite poignant that Abraham never had another conversation with God after this incident, and tragic that Sarah and Isaac went off and never lived with Abraham again.
On the 5th of July I travelled to Wellington for Denise’s unveiling. A good strong family time with friends coming to support us as well.
Last Sunday I used the parable of the miraculous crop (commonly known as the Parable of the Sower) to reflect on our situation at Scots. What do we do with God’s good gifts which are given in abundance when we live in a societal climate of scarcity