The nature of Sin and Sinning

29 June
So long as we know the rules we’re ok, that seems to be the kiwi way. A rule based approach to living is helpful at times but if it is the only way to do it we become very legalistic and judgemental. If sin is about whether we are in relationship with God and each other then rules only take us so far. I read Paul as saying idolatry is the key, and that the principalities and powers include the Empire. The claim is Jesus is Lord not Caesar – to say Caesar is, takes us into the paths of the Empire. What of our modern version of empire?


Trinity Sunday 15 June

An exploration of the dance imagery that has been applied to the Trinity.


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“I never give ’em hell – I just preach long sermons and they think it’s hell!”

Pentecost Sunday

I was thanked after the service for using something other than the Acts passage. It helped, they said, to remind them that there were other experiences of the Spirit than the wind and fire imagery of Luke. John’s account was no less effective in moving the disciples on from where they were stuck.