Hope lives. Hope brings life.

An offering for Low Sunday.
There’s doubt and there’s Doubt, but through the questions hope comes because the questions open our souls to a life of passionate living. And in my view it is passionate living we are called to.


Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday 2014

The Palm Sunday piece was a reflection as part of a choral service. The PATSY material was gleaned from a sermon I came across in Homiletics years ago.
Reactions to my emphasising the gender of the donkey were mixed with some saying it didn’t matter even though she is the total counter-cultural symbol to the annual parading of Pilate into Jerusalem on a stallion and the reported triumphal march of Alexander on his white stallion all covered in blood from the battlefield.
Easter this year was difficult for me – not because of the message, but because of all the other arrangements for the week with friends and family coming and going. I hadn’t realised how Denise kept me going at such times with food on the table, guests arranged and looked after and warm quiet encouragement. The response to my speaking of our need to tell our story linked to the resurrection and how that is a way of bringing new life into our lives was strong and clear. May the resurrection life be part of your story!



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Dry bones and the community challenge

April 6
Very few of any of the prophets’ images, metaphors, parables are explained – same with Jesus, by the way.
So, with Ezekiel’s dry bones – some explanation of the metaphor I have provided, but I have not made the connections with life in St Stephen’s deliberately.
The small piece of interaction threw up the homeless, the one’s trapped in drug taking, the isolated ones in our neighbourhood. The question then is, how do we live as a life giving community, that has the power to bring hope to such as these.