Christmas 1

The first time I really worked seriously on this text was with the Women’s Fellowship group in Picton. It was the year that Foodbanks sprang up all over the place and the church folk responded generously. At the same time they were struggling to work out what was going on in the area, that families suddenly had little to come and go on. After talking with the wise woman who led the group she thought I should find something which would remind them of what Christmas was about apart from all the feasting and festivity.So I went along to their Christmas lunch. I read the gospel passage and briefly explained bits of it. First response was dead silence… next response was “That’s terrible!”… then one of the women said how she knew a family that had come for food from the foodbank and how our response had helped them. She outlined a situation of violence and abuse, of separation and of DSW (as it was then) intervention, and how she couldn’t see really how this young woman’s situation was too different from the horror of the reading. Out of it a couple of women formed the UP Boutique to provide good quality second hand clothes. The basic thrust of what I uncovered way back then still remains.


Advent 3: Joy

Joy with justice outweighs happiness in the midst of injustice. The nature of inequality in our country has kind of snuck in without our being fully cognisant of it occurring.
What is our witness to be as a community, as individuals? What is the good news the poor of our community want to hear, need to hear?



Advent 2

The first of two sermons revolving around John the Baptist, but linked also to the carrying of our faith forward.
The response of a number was strong and affirming. It may be a generational thing but there is something about the substance of the message transcending the form of presentation. I may be an old fogey in that respect, yet a young man who showed up to our conventionally ordered service for the first time was clear the proclamation touched his life.