Sadducees and Fundies

Power and control? Works for some until like Joe Bennett you run the Why question past some of the answers. (Listened to his last reading of Double Happiness: How Bullshit Works on Friday. His exegesis of the Shorter Catechism will take some beating in dogmatics classes!
I’m off for a fortnight with a family wedding, leave and a trip to Christchurch.



Zaccheus means clean or innocent.

The response to grace is interesting. We all want to be treated graciously, gracefully. The trouble comes when we have opportunities to offer ourselves as a gracious gift to others. I remember reading in The Road Less Travelled, Scott Peck saying something along the lines of true love being a conscious choice we make, and we need to be careful about how we share the love we have. While I agree with much of his thinking, on this I disagree. Acknowledging that I won’t love others in the same way or with the same intensity as those in my intimate circles, wife, partner, children, close friends, I cannot limit my loving because it is part of the gracious gift I have to offer others.