Two for the Season of Creation

These two form a pair which linked my thinking over these last three Sundays. Storm Sunday is the first sermon along with me taking the full service, and Cosmos Sunday was preached at both Scots and St Stephen’s. The deeper theme is the place of Wisdom in Creation. Increasingly I am becoming irked at the way an Interventionist God is used to justify a whole lot of stuff around natural disasters, tragedies, illness, death and suffering, which allows us to “pray” our way out of trouble as if “god” is some sort of talisman.
In the first one relating to the storm I came across the notion in Job that God went looking for Wisdom – now isn’t that an idea? The second takes me back to my universalist core – God’s love wins in the end because it is woven into creation. Who then can escape it?


130929 SS.pdf

Alistair McBride
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“I never give ’em hell – I just preach long sermons and they think it’s hell!”

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