Coming back to the world


It is now three months since I took leave. The intervening time has been a time of loss, of grace, of blessed release, of intense caring. Denise died on 21 July and we had her funeral on 26 July. It has taken time to get back to work and tomorrow I preach my first sermon, focussing on Luke’s story of Jesus and the bent-over woman.When I first read it I was very mindful of how the combination of cancer tumours and surgery to remove decayed ribcage had caused a similar bending over. Perhaps there was a healing story here? But the more I read and reflected, the more it was clear that this was a political challenge to the religious leaders who wish to bind the people to their interpretation of the rules. There were clear parallels with the beginning of the week when the media focussed on the first gay weddings and the reactions of the various churches. Here then is my offering to my people at Scots and St Stephen’s.

1 thought on “Coming back to the world

  1. I didn’t get the sermon but can’t imagine what you both went through but on the positive side it evidently gave you a grander perspective of life, love towards one and a grasp of plans that are not ours. Peace to you Al;istar

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