Easter 2/3 – April 14 & 21

Feed My Sheep?
I have been reading Introducing the Missional Church by Alan Roxburgh and one of the ways the local congregation can respond to the new environment is through the spiritual discipline of hospitality. The meal on the beach describes the way hospitality can restore and heal relationships. As both Scots and St Stephen’s explore their place in their local communities this resurrection story opens the way for us to understand what we are called to. Feed my sheep is first about offering hospitality and then about pastoral care.


Low Sunday

Low Sunday
I tried the Holy Humour approach with the children, and that went down a treat – but whether they got God’s great joke or not I don’t know. However the sermon this year isn’t of that calibre – its more “Christ is Risen – So What?”, and “Jesus refused to be a Victim” and lastly, “There’s No Forgiveness without Scars.”