The challenge of the prophet

27 January 2013
After a good break away in which Denise and I celebrated our 40th Wedding Anniversary, I’m back in the pulpit.
This one starts the exploration of Luke’s pattern of Jesus’ proclamation and confrontation and what questions it might raise for us.
I realise too that communities standing listening to someone’s programme be announced is not what we’re used to, that we prefer to rant and rave in the privacy of our own living room/TV lounge – and then not do anything at all as a result. These two communities in the texts responded.


The End of the Year

December 30th, the year draws to a close and the lectionary ticks over. Christmas plus 1. Having spoken on Christmas Day about how Christmas is first of all an adult festival, this speaks of the ethical consequences of being a chosen, holy people for whom the Christ child is the first sign of God’s profligate love.

I’m on holiday now until 21 Jan.
Happy New Year to you all.