It’s the wrong question Job!

Oct 21
God responds to Job at long last and opens Job’s complaint up and puts it in cosmic perspective.
It does away with the retributive style of thinking good for good, bad for bad, as certain as night follows day.
That kind of certitude is sought in contemporary society, beset as it is with Moral Therapeutic Deism – ( the belief pattern that God exists but is not active in the world (Deism), that God wants us to be good (moralism) and happy (therapeutic), and that good people go to heaven when they die.)
Even Job had rejected that in some sense but…


Sunday 14 October

There was an unexpected hiatus in my preaching schedule when Denise was taken into hospital for emergency surgery.
I have been wonderfully cared for by both congregations of Scots and St Stephen’s as we have come through this crisis.
So, imagine my surprise when I found Job waiting for me to wrestle with again in the texts for last Sunday and again this coming Sunday.
I think this sermon has to be read as the first of two parts, but it also stands alone as a proclamation to the sufferer.