2 Sundays at St Stephen’s

Sitting on the sanctuary steps with young Nate picking the crusts of a fresh loaf of bread was the precursor to the sermon on the 19th.
More work is needed with expanding the second sermon’s idea of the sacred I think. Some of my thinking has been shaped by both Thomas Moore and John O’Donohue, but the language needs recasting even more.


Tolerate – bear with – raw nerves

I wanted the focus to be on a unified community in Christ and what things might get in the road of such a path,
I think for some I touched on a raw nerve with the opening – most of us perhaps have one or two people in our life circles who we would rather not “bear with.”
Those who related to the opening paragraph and commented to me about that thread are ones who would rather they didn’t but do anyway. I think they saw encouragement for continuing to bear their “burdens” in what I said – and hey – that keeps the community whole doesn’t it!

August 5

Interesting feedback from people as they took various parts that resonated with them and applied them to the needs of the whole congregation.
I also had a long conversation about the dynamics of “family outings” to “The Mall” where all it engenders in children is a sense of entitlement for “bought things” as they become a symbol of how much they are loved!