July 29

It had been a hard week with Denise in hospital, so utilising earlier work I reworked this sermon for the folk at St Stephen’s.
The themes are still pertinent and allow us to think more deeply as a community on what makes us hold together in unity.
Following her surgery on Saturday which was very successful and hearing the strength returning to her soul, allowed me to proclaim this as ground of hope also.


Sunday 22 July – A new building five and a half years on.

The Old Testament gave me a chance to reflect on some of our journey at Scots. Using the revelation to Nathan as a cue, others found that sense of there having been a right time for our redevelopment important. Another response was the recognition that simply doing the building was never the reason, but it was how we have been able to provide a resource for the community and reach out with compassion that was most important.

Two for July

July 1
The theme I worked on is the familiar one of who is in and who is out. The accompanying pdf is adapted from Mark at Work by John Vincent.

July 15
There is no proclamation for last week as it was Denise’s 60th birthday which we celebrated with family at Taupo.
For today I was initially drawn to the gospel reading – the beheading of John with lots of political overtones which I am sure can be made applicable to today’s situation.
Instead I found myself working on the metaphor of zero gravity for morality and the key role of “love” – perhaps the true “God particle”!!