Spectator religion

I have seemed to miss a number of Trinity Sundays over the years but this year I was at home and have used the John reading as the main focus. I hadn’t always recognised this as a baptismal reflection in the way I’ve developed it but with a couple of adult baptisms in recent years it makes more sense. That invitation into community is one Nicodemus seemed to want to avoid – he’d rather watch from the sidelines. Not unlike the spectator mentality that has built up in our culture.

1 thought on “Spectator religion

  1. We tend to think that Trinity is a sort of closed circuit – it is working by itself, and nothing may be needed to make it work. Before raising of Lazarus, Jesus solemnly asks Martha if she believes in that ‘he’ is life and resurrection. Scholars often regard this as Martha’s faith proclamation in Jesus Christ. Yet from a different perspective, it can be rendered as the invitation to the communion of Trinity in that life is continuously overflowing. God always wants us to participate in this ‘communion’ from the beginning. It is an open circuit and can be expanded eternally. This continuity through our participation in the communion of God’s life maybe part of the secret of eternal life and Jesus’ asking to Martha – "Do you believe this?"

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