I am indebted to Alan Roxburgh’s work for providing the key insight which I worked the proclamation from.
Pilgrims throughout the years are “oldies” “silver haired ones”and it is to the pilgrim gathering in Jerusalem for the feast of Pentecost Peter addresses his words.
The challenge left is whether we who are in that age bracket want to be part of the Spirit’s movement or whether we just want to stick to our traditions and simply ways of being that keep us comfortable and safe.

A PS. I generally finish my sermons with the sentences The Word of Jesus is among us. Hear that Word. At St Stephen’s having uttered those words my cell phone rang – O would that it had been Jesus!


A pair of sermons – May 6 & 13

These two can be taken together as the readings focus our attention of the notion of abiding in the Vine and what that means. We often read such texts as exhortations to the individual but they are primarily written for the community and speak to our need to be in community and what are the rules of engagement.