Sunday 29 April

I never cease to be surprised when church members of long standing respond with amazement at the message of them being known and loved by God.What is going on in our society when kind gracious people still feel unloved and unknown? What is it we need to address in our fellowships?


God’s But…

While at Victoria University as Ecumenical Chaplain, the Catholic Students had a poster saying Everything before the “But” is bullshit!
Chapter 24 of Luke’s gospel begins with “But”. Being careful here, I’m not saying that what Jesus did is bullshit. Rather the way the world sees it – Jesus got his just desserts, the movement was stopped, the trouble maker removed, the followers demoralised – But… God had other ideas. The resurrection, the affirmation of the life of Jesus, the crucified and abandoned One, the big tick to this way of life, following the risen One.

An Easter Offering

While the main gospel reading for the day was Mark 16, I thought I’d explore a little using John’s approach.
While John is wanting we [the reader] to “believe” the model for discipleship is clearly founded in Mary Magdalene who doesn’t “believe”, but rather proclaims.
But then again, our western predilection for belief and facticity takes us away from having to do anything positive with what we might or might not believe.

“I have seen the Lord!”

Happy Eastertide