Lent 5 & 6

This is two for the price of one.
I have now been inducted into the charge of St Stephen’s, Hamilton South as well as continuing the charge at Scots.
Each community has a different way of responding to the Word, yet each community offers me the privilege of bringing the Word as I see it to them.
As I have found through the years at Scots how I might “want” people to respond is no indication to how they actually do respond.



Better late than never

11 March 2012
I missed posting this last week. In between times I have been on a Courage to Lead Retreat at Tauhara near Taupo. These retreats are based on the work of Parker Palmer and the Centre for Courage and Renewal. I attended my first of these in August 2009 and wrote up the experience and reflected on it during a time of Study Leave. This was the first NZ one of these and led by Janet Smith from Canberra.
Here is the link www.couragerenewal.org so you can see what excites me about this work.


A sermon on the ordination of elders.

4 March – Second Sunday of Lent.
What is the nature of our leadership and why the conventional political or business models don’t offer much help to a community seeking to serve in the pattern of Christ.
The temptations of being “the” leader are very attractive. It means you get jobs completed the way you want them done (though not necessarily the way the community needs them done); you get to cast and define the vision and all the people have to do is buy into that. Far harder it is to work with a semi-formed multi-faceted vision and mission that is not constructed by theologically aware people which has the potential to push the community in many directions at once. Is the job to choose only one? An interesting take on this came in the book The Cost of Authority by Graham Shaw where he explored the servant leadership model underlying Mark’s gospel – even such a flat structure still needs an agreed leadership model which has authority validated in some way.

Sunday 26 Feb

Social justice in the wilderness. An apt description for where it seems to be in the minds of some as they respond to the latest Govt initiatives. It as sent a strong message to the greedies and punishers of our society
that lets them consign others less fortunate to the desolate wilderness on the edges of our society.