An Ordinary Sunday of Pentecost

26 June 2011
WHere does Obedience fit in with a Faith built on Relationship?
In drawing this together I am grateful for the insights of Len Sweet in “Out of the Question… Into the Mystery” as he reflected on this most difficult passage.
I also adapted the 20 questions he noted he wanted answers for and handed that out after and found that there was a warm response to them.
There is still more to be said about this fractured family, and about the clear break in the relationship between Abraham and Yahweh God that occurs from this episode on.


1 thought on “An Ordinary Sunday of Pentecost

  1. Are obedience to God and the relationship with a community compatible? Obedience often incurs the disruption of a relationship and suffering (Job), alienation from the majority of the society (Bonhoeffer), and the godforsaken (the cross).

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