Passion Sunday

I have been reading Alexander Shaia’s book The Hidden Power of the Gospels : Four Questions, Four Paths, One Journey. He was raised a Maronite Christian and has returned to explore some of the roots that that tradition preserved in terms of its intentional use of the gospels in liturgy. The three year lectionary has ancient roots and he adds a modern dimension from his psychotherapy and spiritual direction work through the positing of four questions from the gospels.
Matthew he suggests is most interested in how the community copes with change. Mark’s core question is ‘How do we move through suffering?’ John’s – How do we receive joy? and Luke’s is about how we mature in service.


1 thought on “Passion Sunday

  1. Betrayal and change – people tend to have a bad impression on betrayal. How could they (or we) betray others – friends, family, spouse, nation(s) and even their (or our) own ‘self’? But from an overview of the Jesus movement (as in any other life events), betrayal is only one of the fissures the change is about to bring. The survived community(ies) therefore is not that immune to betrayal as if they were totally innocent. The dark side of betrayal is part of the change. Without it, it may not be a change at all since life is not static as such.

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