Responding to Grief

10 April
I came back refreshed from a weekend off all raring to go and came face to face with these readings.
How do we respond to grief? How should we? It would have been easy to simply look at the psychology of grief and do something useful that way, but in the end that is not what a sermon really is for.
How does God fit in to our grief, and how do these readings relate to the way our communities are? Unless we explore these issues and offer a wider context then an individual’s grief is simply that – their grief and the wider dimension of life in a community is ignored. This is a response to that dynamic.


1 thought on “Responding to Grief

  1. In Jewish way, grief is not such a passive feeling as just waiting for God’s comfort (and other folks). The Hebrew bible, especially in the book of Psalms, Jeremiah, and Job show the long tradition of law-court prayer in that protest to this abusing God encompasses all – grief, anguish, despair, horror, anger, and hope. Protest – while crying loudly and letting out “Why?”- is the first response to God’s abusiveness, who has/had simply allowed these horrible things happened to individuals and nation(s). The image of omniscient, omnipotent, and omnibenevolent God that Christians would almost always imagine is no longer working here. God is abusive to survivors of earthquakes, terminal illness, the jobless, the homeless…of all sufferings and injustice. Confining God in ‘love’ image only is actually undermining our faith and the relationship with God. It is simply a projection of our desire since God is totally unknown being. Yet this protest can only be possible when it is based on deep faith in God.

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