Watch those rhetorical questions!

March 20
We have a new worshipper with us. She decided it would be good to answer my rhetorical questions out loud and as quick as I could answer them.
At one level it works. It brings out our gut response so that we can deal with how we feel or perceive things.
At another level it doesn’t because it invites the individual to be the centre and takes away from the corporate reflection and response.
The question for our community is to find the appropriate way to respond.



Yield not to temptation

Good afternoon,
I developed this sermon from Parker Palmer’s The Active Life.
I particularly liked his approach to temptation coming from the Latin temptare meaning to try or test something.
It hanges the notion of “sin” quite a bit in my opinion, though I didn’t develop that part at all.
Also the temptation to be inadequate – very prominent in many people’s thinking and not just “put-upon” women either!

Transfiguration Sunday – Good seeing

After preaching this I discovered that the sun has been comparatively quiet for the last 700 days or so, ending last week with a solar flare. The sun has an 11 year cycle of activity.
However, what is good seeing today in terms of what we want to see Jesus as – a general all round good guy, a divine superstar. Lent is coming so let’s see what comes out this year.