A late offering

This is the last sermon before going on holiday. The week since has entailed entertaining grandsons, forgetting to post this, remembering and then finding that my ISP server had blocked my access, and surprisingly finding my Mac Network was refusing to cooperate. Then it all came right and I did house maintenance and took the boys to Waterworld instead. So it is now Friday evening and here is last Sunday’s sermon.


The Feast of the Baptism of Jesus

January 9 – The Feast of the Baptism of Our Lord
Over the last few years I have used the custom of inviting everyone to symbolically renew their baptism. I have found a couple of litanies that seem to work and with the invitation to come forward nearly everyone responds. This Sunday was no different and the sermon was created with such a response in mind.
Rite and ritual is downplayed in much of Kiwi culture and the chance to do something symbolically for oneself as part of a communal act is not always available.

A New Years sermon.

Competition from New Years revelry aftermath, high humidity and warm temperatures meant some found this a struggle to listen too, perhaps because my voice was severely hoarse, low and rumbly, yet others responded very positively.
One insight I continue to wonder at – what does it really do to one’s sense of self worth if you realise you are the focus of the “pursuit” of God’s love?
Is it good old kiwi self deprecation – Nah I’m not worth it? Is it that deeper sense of unworthiness? Listening to comments afterwards, no one could readily accept that idea comfortably.
More work needs to be done on this.