November 14 & Stir up Sunday

November 14
A big day for us. The day before we had shifted into our new home which we have purchased. With friends , family and parishioners the move went relatively smoothly. One of the tasks that kept me focussed was preparing for Sunday’s sermon.


5 Camden Place

November 21
Stir up Sunday they call it. The last chance in the Church’s year to stir everyone up, get them on the edge of their seats for Advent. Once again I found myself coming back to the theme of hope. There may be something repetitive, or is it just that I have a new sense of hope and want to share that? The third Sunday of the month is also the day I take a service at the Westside congregation, mainly Cook Island and Niuean folk. They responded powerfully to what I offered through this sermon.

Part of the opening prayer used today, picking up the cosmic element of the reading from Colossians.

Holy Mystery:
we are sacred bodies in a cosmic temple
trusting the wonder of each cell and atom
trusting eternity in a moment of gracetrying to walk with stranger and friendtrying to walk not knowing the end,only the journey, only the waythat Jesus asks us to share this day.


November 7 & An Apology for October 31

October 31,
Another no sermon day! Scots hosted Mary Popping, chaplain at Hamilton’s Fraser High School. We have been supporting her ministry along with a number of other churches for two years now and it was good to have her speak about her work and what she sees as the effect of the ministry there.


November 7.
Back to the pulpit with a message of hope.
It had been a busy week with the funeral of a parishioner, a long standing member of Hamilton’s community, where his wife wanted me to share his certainty that there is something more, somewhere else, beyond this life. For me it provided a powerful counterpoint for the theme I developed in the proclamation.

May you be richly blessed by the God of our abundance.